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The Giving Trees International

The Giving Trees International is a small project that we hope will some day blossom into a revolutionary concept world wide. The giving trees farm is located in the village of Kihamba in western Uganda. The farm originally began as a crop cultivating area but after many years of struggling to get the farm up and running, Uncle hired a groundskeeper to live on the land and maintain the space until we can begin propagation and tilling.

In the meantime, Uncle Ben and Sister Kena came up with a concept and a plan which is an overall holistic donation cycle. We hope that one day our effort will benefit our large community while inspiring others to create green acts in their own villages. 

Donors purchase a fruiting or useful tree from us and choose to dedicate it to a loved one. Once the paperwork is filled out and the donation has been received, the Kin team will plant your tree and post a plaque that has the requested name on it. You will then be sent a certificate with information about the tree with a picture included. Once the tree starts fruiting, its food will be donated to the local village.



By donating a tree to The Giving Trees International project, you are helping us to create a sustainable future for our community, provide food for the local villagers, and secure the Earth's health by helping to fight deforestation in Uganda (read more about deforestation in Uganda here

Additionally, you will be able to know that your loved ones will be remembered and their lives can continue through the bountiful fruits that their tree will produce. Also, your donation will help our orphanage maintain its projects.  

By donating a tree, you are not only giving more life to Mother Earth, giving a loved one a special gift, and producing food for the village, but you are also helping to inspire others to join in this revolution. With our hard work and determination, it is our desire to help educate others so we might save our Earth for our children.


How it Works

Anyone can donate a tree and dedicate it to a loved one. You can donate it to your family members who have passed away, your children, a sibling, or even your pets! All you have to do is fill out the form below with subject TGTI telling us who you'd like your tree dedicated to and the amount you wish to donate. After Brother David has received your information he will give you the next steps for making your donation and will talk to you about what trees are available in the current season for planting. Once the money is transferred and received by Ungle Ben in Uganda, he will paint your plaque with the given names on them and will plant the tree at the Kihamba farm. A photo will be taken of your tree and we will send it to you with a certificate as soon as possible. Your tree will be taken care of during its first planting and growing stages by our caregiver who will ensure that it stays healthy and that it properly takes hold of the land. Within 1-3 years, depending on the tree type, fruits should be growing and will be sued to feed the villagers.



The Giving Trees International is a donation based project. We therefore do not have a set amount for purchasing a tree. Keep in mind that when you dedicate a tree we will have to pay the cost of purchasing a tree, transportation to get the tree and travel to and from the farm, pay our caregivers for maintenance, and make the plaque. Any money left over will be donated to the food fund for our children's daily meals in the orphanage.

Suggested donations range from $40-60 USD per tree.

Please fill out the form below with subject line TGTI telling us how many trees you'd like to dedicate, who to, and the amount you wish to donate. After completion, it will be sent to Brother David and he will get in contact with you from there.

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