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A Bit About Us

Kin Initiative is not just an orphanage, but also a community resource center. We serve over 100 families by providing basic needs like water, school funding, and other support and guidance. Through community involvement, we have created a network of families who help one another in times of happiness and despair. 

We welcome guests from all around the world to come share the experience of joining the Kin family. You will be welcomed as our sister or brother, and will leave us knowing that you always have a home in Africa.

Kids with footprint art
Uncle Ben and Auntie Annett
Kids smiling faces in a circle
Kids laying in a circle
The kin kids with brothers Ben and David
People dancing

Our Projects

Story time at the kin library

Kin Library

With the help of donors from abroad, we have finally finished our community library. With over 500 books and magazines, Kin is now loaning books and leading reading sessions each week. Children come to check out new books or relax and read together when they are out of school. Classes are also held for extra grammar lessons, mathematics, and art projects.

We thank everyone who has assisted us in creating this great space and we hope this will lead to a more literate African continent!

Volunteer holding cassava

Local Farming

Kin Initiative desires to become completely independent of outside assistance by using methods of sustainability to provide food for our children. By teaming up with local farmers, Kin has built relationships that have helped our family to receive healthy and well-balanced meals. We work with local agriculture to support harvests and invest in the community that enriches the Ugandan landscape.

Currently we have three of our own farms. Two are in the beginning stages of development. The Busunju farm currently has over 200 cassava plants and multiple tubers and beans growing. Our Gomba farm is thriving but needs more support so that we might some day be able to open our second community center as it is a new province and is in dire need of development and assistance.

Click here to find out about Padre's farm which is a tropical organic 300-acre forest of pineapples, cabbage, bananas, and wild yams where you can stay to relax or get your hands dirty in the soil!

Kin staff working the well to supply water to the community

Community Water Project

With the help of volunteers, Kin has finally opened its community well! The 120ft deep bore hole, was completed in April 2012 and produces potable water purified by sand. The water is ready for drinking and is strikingly refreshing with its cold temperature.

As water is the most valuable and the most scarce of all resources in Africa, Kin recognized the struggles families face having to purchase jerry cans of water for their family each day. Thus we sought assistance and worked hard to gain support in purchasing supplies and hiring local men to construct the well.

Currently jerry cans are being sold for 1000 UG shillings. Being that we are a "not for profit", Kin offers families jerry cans for 200 UG shillings. All money collected from water purchases pays for the daily feeding of our children and staff at the orphanage. During rainy seasons we use water catchment tanks. Read about their environmental impact and our dedication to eco friendly standards on the sustainability page.

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