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Key People

Kin Initiative operates on the strength of its workers. However, with no revenue, Kin currently struggles to help its staff with monetary means. Thus, all staff are volunteers and take time each day to aid our family in its daily survival.

It is our hope that we might one day be able to support our labor force by paying salaries, but, for now, the kindness of their hearts keeps them working hard to alleviate the struggles of our children.

Uncle Ben and Auntie Annette

Uncle Ben & Auntie Annet


In Uganda, land is purchased or hired in buying plots. Realizing the great need for increased self-reliance, the two founding members, Ben Ssennoga and Annet Nanyanzi, sold their own plots of land to buy a larger plot for use in cultivation of animals and food production with a desire to create a family farm and develop organic skills. The hope was that income from these projects would cycle directly back to the Kin project. 

The founders were compelled by the value of human dignity and they created a program to become kin for the kin-less. Kin Initiative was established in 1998 by Ben Ssennoga and Annet Nanyanzi along with a handful of like-minded people in response to the needs of less fortunate children and the elderly in Uganda.


David Sciacca

Volunteer Coordinator

David first came to Uganda to volunteer at Kin Initiative in the winter of 2011-2012 and again in the winter of 2012-2013. Not long after his second trip a vacancy in the Volunteer Coordinator position opened up, so he gladly took over.

David has tried to emphasize the importance of education during his short time with the organization, which is why he started the Sponsor Education program in the spring of 2018 in hopes of helping children in need afford an education and is also why one of his top goals is to recruit volunteer teachers at multiple schools throughout Uganda.

In addition to coordinating volunteers, David manages both our Facebook page and our website. His long term goals include: growing Kin Initiative's volunteer and sponsor bases, increasing the number of children the organization can support, and improving the standard of living for the children who live there.

David can be contacted at:

+1 (719) 200-2879


Chris Sciacca

Sponsorship Coordinator

Chris is a recent Regis University graduate who has an appreciation for the power of education and his school's belief in creating men and women in service of others. While seeing his young daughter grow and flourish in the public school system Chris came to acknowledge how important early childhood education is in an individual's long term success. 

Recognizing that not all children have the opportunities American children have he sought an opportunity to help those less fortunate who need to be connected with people who have the means and generous nature to help. 

Seeing the amazing impact working with the Kin Initiative had on his brother David, Chris asked if there was any way he could contribute to the cause and help these amazing and motivated children achieve their potential. 

Chris can be contacted at: 

+1 (719) 231-8428

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