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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer: Get Involved

Who We Seek

Kin welcomes volunteers of all ages, singles, couples, groups, and students. We also accept volunteers on excursions or those looking for a break from home life and wishing to stay for a short time. Anyone with a dream to help others and live among a local community are most welcome. We accept guests throughout the year!



  • Have basic English, this is important because it is Uganda's national language.

  • Must be 18 years or older, unless accompanied by a guardian.

  • Compassion for the less fortunate, a love of service, and the desire to immerse yourself into our community.

Areas for Volunteering

Kin Initiative operates with a very laid back and welcoming system when it comes to our volunteers programs. We have many options available but we also encourage our guests to bring their unique skills and hobbies as we learn about one another's culture and become united toward sustaining peace in this big world.

Areas you might be interested in helping with:

  • Alternative classes in schools, extra education/tutoring in our center, or assistance in our community library

  • Health sciences and help in the local clinics, or evironmental sciences and conservation

  • Arts, drama, and music

  • Sports or other physical activities

  • Construction work

  • Create money generating programs

  • Or bring some skills that you can teach us!

We also have 3 farms that we are trying to get going. One is very successful and is a partnership farm which is organic and like a tropical paradise. The other 2 are progressing toward using organic and sustainable techniques, and are large and fertile. You can visit and share your knowledge about growing techniques, soil treatment, and overall food production.​

Volunteer helping to plant a tree

Padre's Farm

At Padre's Farm, volunteers have the opportunity to join the local community on a 300-acre plot of tropical fruits and free roaming animals. Volunteers can choose to retreat to the farm for a weekend getaway, or arrange an extended trip in which they will help with maintenance of the land or other community developments based on their skills and interest. You will be escorted in Padre's private vehicle and will stay in Padre's home with a private room, shared bathing space, and a gas powered stove. There is plenty of space for rest and relaxation as you enjoy a view of the tropical mountain landscape dotted by primates. Food and hospitality are provided during your stay. 

On the 300-acre farm, Padre and his brother have created a sustainable space for land and community development by planting varying indigenous species of tropical vegetation and providing work opportunities for the less fortunate. Crops at the farm include pineapple, bananas, groundnuts (peanuts), rosemary, yams, mangoes, papayas, avocados, and cabbage, which produce great treats year round. We also have started a community bakery nearby that is run by local men who sell in the market each morning.

Padre and the local community welcome anyone with an open heart and mind who is willing to share their time in the rural landscape of Western Uganda!

Cost and Benefits

At Kin Initiative, we are all volunteers, thus your money does not pay for any office operations or salaries and there are no overhead fees. Your donation covers all your amenities during your stay, which includes:

  • 3 meals daily (can cater to most diets)

  • Accommodation in our private volunteer house

  • Hospitality who will clean and assist as needed

Please budget $40-​50 (USD) for airport pickup. We will collet you with our private taxi. This will be your most expensive cost in Uganda. The airport in Entebbe is 40km (25miles) from the kin center and will take about 1 hour to transport you to the Kin House.

Volunteers must pay for personal trips to town as well. If you need an escort we can help you schedule one to assist you, however we ask that you pay for their transport costs, including meal if you stay over lunch time. Cost to town is less than $1 USD. Meals range from $2-4 USD.

Recommended length of stay is no more than 3-6 months due to visa requirements and extensions.


  • Less than a month = $250

  • 1st Month = $350

  • 2nd Month = $300

  • 3rd Month = $200

Doing schoolwork


Please fill out the application and forward it to Brother David at

He will respond within 1 week and will help you begin planning your trip. 

After you have purchased a plane ticket, you will forward your itinerary to David Sciacca and he will send you documents for planning your trip. You will receive information about passports and visas, vaccinations, and packing guides. He is here to answer any question big or small that you might have along your journey

If you would like to set up a Skype meeting, you can add him with the screen name "". 

Thank you for your interest. We hope you will join our family here at Kin Initiative!


"...the exposure to the Ugandan people and culture changed the lens through which I see the world."

Ben R.

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