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Sustainability Projects

Sustainability: Programs
Rainwater collection tanks


The Kin Water projects are ongoing as we are continually developing better techniques for supplying water to the community. During the rainy season we harvest water runoff from our roofs which flow through gutter systems into large tanks. We are able to harvest over 20,000 liters of water in one week of heavy rains, which serves over 100 families in the community.

When dry season arrives, we have a 120ft deep well in the middle of our compound that supplies sand and soil filtered water.

Through these techniques we aim to alleviate a need for a ground sewage system in our village, which, in Uganda, can often contain chemicals and will be unsafe to consume unless treated.


Solar Energy

Ugandan electricity is neither reliable nor cheap. Although we do not have a great need for electricity, we do benefit from the four solar panels we have around our compound. Because school lets out after 5 PM, the children often arrive home around sundown and need light for completing their assignments and studying for exams. 

While the children study, our Matron is preparing the evening meal in the kitchen, which is also illuminated by a central light wired to the batteries. 

The sun provides power we can use by storing its energy in a basic car battery, which we then use for days without recharging.

The best experience yet was when a young boy asked us why we still have lights when the villages power is out. This was a nice segue into our solar lesson for our youth!



Because we are dedicated to our independence, Kin works hard to produce as many of our own food stuffs as possible. Kin currently has 2 farms owned by our community and 1 partnership farm. Most farms are using organic techniques to sustain the health of the soil and safety of our produce.

Each farm has its own theme, like the Busunju farm, which hosts "The Giving Trees International" Tree planting project for fruit production. It is also growing beans, cassava, and sweet potatoes.

Padre's farm is a tropical and fully organic paradise of pineapple, bananas, and wild yams with animal husbandry using goats, geese, and cattle.

The Gomba farm is our newest piece of land and is still being constructed, but we hope to start food production soon and eventually construct a community center and library.

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